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Green Suede

- Our Story -

How it all started

It all started when an artist, a plant lover and a medical herbalist came together around the kitchen table and decided to create natural, vegan and sustainable plant magick skincare inspired by folk herbalism.

In 2019 we found ourselves with a teenage daughter and a pre teen, both of whom started getting into 'skincare'. We were horrified at the ingredients within these very expensive little bottles of so called 'skincare'.

What we found were ingredients so far removed from nature;

  • many made from processed petroleum

  • some were so hazardous that they needed to be buried when disposed

  • some made immediate changes to skin which looked like miracles but damaged deeper layers of skin needing a constant reapplication to keep up appearances

  • Some of the synthetic chemical and fragrances identified in these bottles can mess around with hormones and metabolisms

  • And some where deemed as carcinogens 

Even some of the 'natural skincare' products that we investigated were not as 'natural' as they claimed with half truths and rampant omissions. When we did find a product that was as natural as we were looking for, the price was outrageous. 

With a medical herbalist Grandmother (Nana Kat), and another Grandmother who shared her knowledge of living off the land, we knew there was another way, and so the research began. We spent many months learning, studying, reading, experimenting and formulating before we even made our first skincare product.


We are really proud of what we have created: natural, ethical and mindful skincare, inspired by folk herbalism and local folklore. We believe that everyone should be able to access beautiful natural skincare so we have consciously made our potions as financially accessible and affordable as we can. 

One of our values is that we wanted to be as open as we could about each and every ingredient we use, so we have added a Ingredients Almanac to this website so you can find out about each ingredient, its properties and purpose, and any supported research links. No half truths. This Almanack is a work in progress and the information changes as we are continuously researching and developing our apothecaries ingredients. 

We make all of our Skincare by hand in small batches with gratitude, passion and a bit of plant magick. We channel the herbalist Nicholas Culpeper, the Celtic mythological healer, Airmid and perhaps a bit of Luna Lovegood. 

Find out more about our values and ethos here.

Nana Kat and grand daughter
Nana Martine foraging
Gwendoline and Paul
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